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Why Ionic Lithium Batteries?


Learn what separates Ionic batteries from the competition


-Ionic batteries are made with Grade A cells not lower lever Grade at B or C that others are using. The performance will degrade very fast with cycles.

-Ionic uses large 20Ah and 25Ah flat cells to minimize connections points.  Allows lower resistance to reduce any heat build up and balances the cells better.

-Ionic batteries have Bluetooth monitoring system in place to provide exact state of charge to give you a piece of mind.  Also calculates real time run time or charge time under existing condition.

-Ionic batteries can be connected 4 in series to work on 12, 24, 36 and 48V systems as well

-Ionic batteries have 3/8th threads to use with a nut and not a screws that might be too long or too short depending what ring terminals are being connected.

-Ionic batteries have advanced BMS software to filter spikes and provide extra starting current.

-Ionic batteries has been awarded patents US9412994 and US9954207 for the MOSFET controls inside the battery.  Most competitors are infringing on those patents.

Lithium Batteris

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The Lightest Deep Cycle Battery on the Market

So, who deserves the title for ultra lightweight yet incredibly safe, when it comes to deep cycle batteries? Here’s the answer: Lithium LiFePO4.

Why is it so light? It all comes down to chemistry. Lithium LiFePO4 batteries are made of lithium iron phosphate. You might recall from science class that lithium is one of the lightest elements. Lithium batteries are made of materials that are less dense. This allows them to store a lot of energy for their weight.

That’s what makes lithium deep cycle batteries much lighter than other rechargeable batteries of the same size. Up to 75% lighter than lead acid, in fact. So if you want a lightweight deep cycle battery, Ionic lithium is among the best types you can find. But what would you want a lightweight battery for? We’re glad you asked! Keep reading for the answer.



Lightweight Deep Cycle Battery Advantages for Your Boat

A light deep cycle battery is great for many applications. But boats are one of the vehicles that benefit from a feather-light battery the most. Especially small ones, like fishing kayaks. For those, you’ll definitely want to use the lightest deep cycle battery you can find.

Why do you need a lightweight deep cycle battery for a boat? Well, at the risk of stating the obvious, boats have to float. Hefty cargo makes them sink a bit in the water, dragging down speed. More weight also means more fuel consumption.

So if you reduce the weight of your battery, drag is reduced. You’ll save on fuel and changing direction will be a cinch. You can maneuver your boat with greater ease. The change might be so dramatic that it will feel like you got a new boat!

You might also feel like you got a new back, once you stop hauling around a bulky battery. Lithium marine batteries can be charged right on the boat with a smart onboard charger. But should you have to move it for any reason, a lightweight deep cycle battery is going to save you a few bucks on Bengay and ibuprofen.


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Advantages for Other Applications

Of course, not everyone uses their lightweight deep cycle battery for a boat. They’re also great for RVs, UTVs, golf carts, solar setups, and more. For these applications, there are plenty of advantages to having a lighter battery. For example:

  • Save on fuel costs by making your vehicle lighter.
  • Easy to move around and install.
  • Compact enough to fit into small vehicles like UTVs and golf carts.
  • Makes vehicles easier to maneuver.
  • Saves weight and space for other gear you might need to carry.



Other Benefits of A Lithium Lightweight Deep Cycle Battery

Normally you’d call someone a lightweight if they can’t handle much. So does a lithium lightweight deep cycle battery skimp on other areas? No way. You’ll get just as much energy (or more) with a lithium battery as you would from a traditional battery of the same size. Being small and light doesn’t make a lithium battery flimsy. Quite the opposite.

Lithium batteries can handle a lot more charging/discharging cycles than traditional batteries. This means they will last a lot longer–we’re talking around five times longer than lead acid batteries. Most traditional batteries will last around 2-3 years, but lithium batteries last around 10.

When you choose Ionic LiFePO4 batteries, you’ll also get these “smart” functions:

  • Fast, efficient charging. (Up to 4x faster.) Lithium accepts energy faster than other batteries.
  • Low self-discharge rate (Only 2% per month). Lead acid batteries self-discharge at a rate of about 30%.
  • Bluetooth monitoring. See how much longer your battery will take to charge, how much charge it has left, and other stats on your smartphone.
  • BMS (Battery Management System). That’s BMS, not “BS”. Because this system makes sure you never have to deal with any “BS” like overcharging and short circuiting.

Ready to replace your old lead acid battery with the smartest, lightest deep cycle battery you can get?


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